Dear Delegates

Thank you for participating in Nanofiltration 2022 conference. I hope that all of you had fun and got a lot out of the many presentations. It was a very full programme, I have not yet found a good way to satisfy the demands for orals (to come) and the single session which I think is important for a successful interdisciplinary meeting.

For those who missed the beginning or the end we have put videos on Youtube. These are simple and reasonably low quality videos for those who would like to see what happened – especially award winners who missed the award session.

We will be in touch with

  - The book of abstracts (we are late, this should have long been on the website)

- The executive summary (it takes time…)

- If you would like to share some photos please upload here: (we will also upload best of so you can download)

- A little video with photos as a memory (needs looking through (a lot of) photos)

- The npj Clean water special issue ‘Nanofiltration in the global water cycle’ – please submit (we will share the call when open)

- We have had many requests for attendee lists which we cannot give out, but of course you will have contact details in the book of abstracts

- There has been many emails of appreciation (thank you!), please feel free to share also what could be improved so we can consider other views

- Attendance certificates – let us know if you need; awards we will send out as well: please make it easy for us and send clear email with address

- If you are still missing receipts please let us know (our admin is not always straightforward)

As I said in the opening we are planning to do it again in 2025 – for simplicity with minor modifications as it was but with different social activities - mostly because so many colleagues either could not travel or were still hesitant with Covid, but also to record some progress on impact. There will be a few things breeding in the next few months as we are thinking about how this can be accelerated or set up. Feel free to join in, we need every talent! We will put the prize money in that we will receive tomorrow and then see how we can grow this to something meaningful together.

Thank you for the amazing energy during the conference, I would have never dreamt of such a long dancing session, >30 people climbing the Achalm at midnight – especially after long days full with stimulating scientific sessions. It was a real gift, thank you all!