Nanofiltration 2022 will take place from Sunday 26 June (evening welcome reception) until Thursday 30 June (afternoon tea). The preliminary programme is shown in the following link. All meals will be provided, please note that room bookings are separate to registration and as room availability is limited, please register early.




We have a full programme with about 50 oral presentations and 32 posters. Due to current uncertainties with corona pandemic and the Ukraine war we are expecting fluctuations, hopefully with both situations easing towards summer. However, registrations are limited to 100 places due to the venue and hence a timely registration is important. The tentative session names and timing have updated in the programme.

We have to date a number of well known special guests coming – the most prominents being:

  - Prof Miriam Balaban

- Prof Heiner Strathmann

- Prof Karl Böddeker

We have an incredible number of international colleagues confirmed their participation, balancing nanofiltration book authors and colleagues from across the field. For example;

- Prof Rohit Karnik (MIT, USA)

- Prof Menachem Elimelech (Yale University, USA)

- Prof Damià Barceló Cullerès (IDAEA-CSIC, Spain)

- Prof Viatcheslav Freger (Technion, Israel)

- Prof Wanqin Jin (NJTECH, China)

- Prof Andriy Yaroshchuk (ICREA - UPC, Spain)

- Asst Prof Razi Epsztein (Technion, Israel)

- Prof Gregory Korshin (University of Washington, USA)

- Prof Peter Huck (University of Waterloo, Canada)

- Prof Mihail Barboiu (IEM – University of Montpellier, France)

- Prof Suzana Pereira Nunes (KAUST, Saudi Arabia)

- Prof Mathias Ulbricht (University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany)

- Prof Maxime Pontié (University of Angers, France)

- Prof ‪Lidietta Giorno (ITM-CNR, Italy)

- Asst Prof Tiezheng Tong (Colorado State University, USA)

- Prof Yoram Cohen (University of California, Los Angeles, USA)

- Prof ‪Jack Gilron (Ben-Gurion University, Israel)

- Prof Klaus-Viktor Peinemann (KAUST, Saudi Arabia)

- Prof Wiebe M. de Vos (University of Twente, Nederland)

- Dr Oded Nir (Ben-Gurion University, Israel)

- Dr Kyllönen Hanna (VTT, Finland)

- Prof Volodymyr Tarabara (Michigan State University, USA)

- Prof Aleksandra Radenovic (EPFL, Switzerland)

- Prof Marija Drndić (University of Pennsylvania, USA)

- Prof ‪Aleksandr Noy (LLNL, USA)

- (and many more)

As part of the programme we have a single stream of orals, which is why the number of oral slots is small but our focus is on scientific discussion and a relaxed event that does not require rushing from one room to the next. Come for the full event to fully benefit!

Besides orals and research posters, we will have a small industry expo where companies show some posters or even exhibits, we have an international forum where some international development projects will be featured and we have an IAMT form where our work is displayed in lieu of the Institute visit as had been planned in 2020/21. There will be a brief publications session led by some lead editors and in addition, we are in negotiation with a NatureSpringer journal for a special issue.

Personally, there are Ukrainian and Russian colleagues registered and I have no bigger wish than science demonstrating that we are bigger than politics – and knowing these colleagues, we could not have better prerequisites. May the situation calm enabling us all to celebrate peace together by then.

We are looking forward to meeting you all soon on the Achalm.