Accommodation Booking

The conference venue is the Achalm Hotel where 100 rooms are available for Nanofiltration 2022 attendees. As per the registration site, those attendees willing to share a room are receiving a discount on the registration fee simply to increase the capacity of rooms. We are asking that you please book your accommodation for the conference period 26 – 30 June 2022.

The special room rates for Nanofiltration 2022 are:
€135 for a single room
€165 for a double room

For bookings please contact with the code: Nanofiltration2022

reservierung∂ or the phone numbers available at the website.

Please note that registration at the conference is required for validation of the room reservation.



Reutlingen, Eningen unter Achalm and Pfullingen have a limited number of hotels but the distance will be considerable with no public transport to the Achalm.
Both Bad Urach anf Tübingen have very nice Youth Hostels in great locations that can be recommended and that may be suitable for groups. Early bookings is required and this option requires transport.


Youth hostel Tuebingen

Youth hostel Bad Urach


Parking is available free of charge at the Achalm parking garage





To ensure your accommodation in Achalm Hotel, please contact them directly by phone (+49 (0) 7121- 4820) or send them an email on reservierung∂ or info∂ and make your booking by mentioning that it is for "Nanofiltration2022 conference from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology".


Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any questions.


Thank you for your consideration and see you soon in Nanofiltration2022

Organizing Committee